55 Artists
The 90s

Dec 2019 – Feb 2020
Harlem, NYC

An uncompromising portrait of NYC's 90s graffiti protagonists. Participating Artists: 9 VOLT, CEND, CHEZ, DEAR, DECK, DIEGO 127, DOCK, DOLT, DOS, DREADS, EAD, EOS, FADE, FCEE, FOG 501, GSTACKS, JD, KEEPS, KEL 5MH, KING BEE, LOUIE 167, MED, MOST 2, MUTZ, NARE, NATO, NEEK, NICEO, OJAE, OTD, OVIE, PER, REBEL, REHAB, REMO, RN, RYNO, SARE, SERP, SET, SEVO, SEVS, SHEAR, SKEVS, SKUF, SR, STEM, TOSKE, VFR, WEB 113, WED, YE, ZB, ZE, ZEXOR (TRIBUTE TO ASP) (Group Exhibition), Martinez Gallery, NYC