November 11, 2022

November 2022

March 31, 2023

March 2023

Intro conversation of Legacy

H: So…what are we talking about this morning? We have this show coming up called Legacy. I thought, let's talk about it a little bit. And that will become the press release.

O: I wrote down a few questions that I believe will explain to the public a little bit about the show, with specific questions that will bring about the conversa-tion. In general terms, legacy is something handed down from the past from predecessors or ancestors. Why is it important and necessary for graffiti writers and artists to consider their legacy or legacies now?

K: You're doing it 50 years, so you need to talk about that.

H: Well, the first thought that comes to mind is a lot of the artists talk about making money. I was speaking to KAPUT and XPOME in Greece and they said, “We're not making any money”. It hit me that maybe you can't, as an artist today, you can't have both money and legacy. That started me thinking, when you sell-out, yeah, you got money but, is it always a question of selling out versus not selling out? And in the graff world, or maybe in the art world, in general, when you do a commercial product, or you get commercially successful by changing your work to fit into the corpo-rate venue, the corporate perspective, once you do that, you've lowered your standards already. And you may not be able to get them back. I don't think you can get them back because it involves a certain psychological change. It's like, you do graff, you get arrested, or you're doing illegal things, you go through a portal, then you're a different person, you've already become an anti-establishment being. Then to come back through that portal, it's like coming out of a black hole.

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