Healing Arts

The Healing Arts programs are the product of a years-long relationship between Martinez Gallery and Pediatrics 2000, bringing together artists, writers, activists and health professionals. Martinez Gallery's mission is anchored in the understanding that the arts have the power to heal, from helping with the treatment of illness to improving quality of life.

In conjunction with the community and with the clinic/gallery premises, Healing Arts conducts programs including:

  • • Ongoing art exhibition programing
  • • Health care education
  • • Daily artist-led art classes for youth aged 1-21
  • • Art therapy sessions
  • • Storefront presentations
  • • Publication of books, zines, and coloring books
  • These initiatives promote health literacy, creative learning and foster independent thinking.

    In the face of societal threats to the health and well-being of young people, Healing Arts mobilizes artistic activities that serve as interventions, drawn from a field outside the scope of traditional medicine. These activities are empowering, humanizing, and affordable, providing our youth inspirational opportunities for personal growth.  

    For more information on how to particpiate in Healing Arts, please contact Katherine Guzman.

    Katherine Guzman
    Project Coordinator
    3332 Broadway New York, NY 10031