Spek BTC Interview

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Spek BTC interviewed by REHAB for Martinez Gallery in July 2001, one week before his untimely death.

What do you write?


What crews do you represent?

My crew BTC, HT, GOD, and RHATS

When did you start writing ?

In 1991; just started bombing in 97. I was on probation.

For what?



I didn't do it. My friend did it. I was just there at the wrong time.

How come your friend …

Fuckin bastard; I got beef with him now.

For what?

Hmm, ‘cause he didn't confess and ‘cause we had a crew togeteher and he tried to play me.

What does that mean?

He tried to diss me with my own crew and he tried to tell me I can't push it no more

then from there we caught beef. I started it.

So now what's the process?

Process? What process ? That was a long time ago. I don't push it no more . ‘cause I got my own crew now.

What crew is that ?

The one I got, BTC.

What's that mean ?

Breaking Toys Chins and Bomb This City.

What writers influenced you?

HEFS from the Bronx and ME3.

Do you feel you have a lot of beef?

Oh hell yeah; with a bunch of toys that I’m not even gonna mention.

Do you piece?


Why not?

I’m not into it

How do you feel about old school writers?

I don't give a fuck about them; they don't really concern me..

Do you rack?


How do you feel about bombers who buy their paint?

That's their problem.

If there's a spot that you want and there's a piece there would you go over it?

If I never heard of them, yeah I'll go over it,  and if I got beef with a person that does pieces - I feel sorry for them.

Whats the ups and downs of graff?

Catching beef, jealous niggas and respect.

Rest in peace Timothy Falzone Santiago.

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